Making a Difference 

We believe in the “Teach a man to fish concept” to promote self - sufficiency through education, skills development and training. 

Katr2U offers the ServSafe Food Protection Managers Certification Examination  Course, free of charge and at no cost *

to qualified, underserved or disadvantaged community members **residing in the City of Chicago and neighboring suburbs. 

Certification Overview

Food Protection Managers Certification is approved by the American National Standards Institute and the Conference for Food Protection (ANSI-CFP). This accredited exam is accepted in all states (nationally) that have mandatory certification requirements for Food Management Professionals.

Description of Services Offered   

The Katr2U Food Protection Manager Certification Exam is designed to assess and test examinees on competencies relevant 

to the prevention of foodborne illnesses, sanitation, time and temperature control and more. 

The course consists of 6 hours of lecture ( or independent study) and 2 hours of online or paper exam testing.

Examinees must complete an 8-hour ( in one or two-days intervals) training course 

and pass an accredited exam with a minimum score of 75%.

Courses are offered independently online or in a classroom setting.

 Upon completion, recipients will immediately be able to access their certificate , which is valid for a maximum period of 5 years.*

 *We do recommend checking with your local health department as certificates may expire sooner.

For all questions, call us at 773-655-9010 

Retakes are permissible up to 3 times within a year (after the second failure - a 60 day waiting period applies). 

Poverty Based  Income or Unemployed Criteria* 

Age 18 and older.**

Many state and local governmental jurisdictions require food safety training and certification for employees within a food service establishment.