Food Service Manager Certification 

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The health and life of a food service establishment or restaurant business depend mainly on food protection.  Running a food service establishment with business savvy is one thing, but food protection will ensure its seamless operations. 

For this reason, the Illinois Department of Public Health and other governmental institutions have put certain measures in place to ensure that that your food establishment serve safe.

Certifications like the Food Manager Certification has been recognized nationwide as a standard for determining the competency of managers in supervising food and beverage professionals and helping them keep the workplace environment food safe for everybody. 

it's vital that food service establishment employ, efficient and informed team members to handle the job.

Food Protection Manager Certification is designed to enhance the food safety skills of workers who are responsible for the safety of all. 

This certification is appropriate for Foodservice Professionals (i.e., Restaurant/Healthcare Managers, Chefs, Instructors, etc.) who are in-charge of ensuring the food safety in the workplace and the general public.

Accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-Conference for Food Protection (CFP), 

Katr2U's food service manager certification covers 

basic food safety principles; 

time and temperature control; 

HACCP and sanitation;

 pest control;

 food handling; 

storage; receiving, preparation and service;

 and identifying the different types of contamination 

and preventing them. 

Katr2U's Food Service Manager Certification exam will evaluate workers’ competencies on food safety and the prevention of foodborne illnesses. 

Upon successful completion of the exam, workers will receive a certification that will be valid for five years. 

The validity of the certificate, however, may vary depending on your jurisdiction. 

ServSafe Handbook for Examinees 

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Katr2U set me up for success through sponsorship, career counseling, and educational training.  I acquired the skills needed that helped enhance my quality of life and secure a better job.  Thank You!

Arbutus Winfrey

Food Service Manager for District 29